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May, 12th 2016 Update

## Who are you, and what do you do? Hola! I’m Sergi Xaudiera a digital strategist whose main area of interest is social media. I’m currently working in digital services for the Government of Catalonia in the development and delivery of a digital strategy that improves citizen engagement in innovative ways.

##What hardware do you use? - Macbook Pro 13, late 2013. - OnePlus One. - RaspberryPi (running Openelec)

##And what software?



##Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Sergi Xaudiera and I work for the Governement of Catalonia as a social media strategist. When I ended my journey there I’m starting my own project: Numballs. In this project we are trying to measure the impact of sports on social media.

##What hardware do you use? - Dell XPS M1530 (with Ubuntu 12.10) - HTC Legend (Running under CyanogenMod) - BQ Edison (just rooted :P) - Raspberry Pi (with Raspbmc as Media Center)

##And what software? - Chromium: is my main software. To surf the net and most of my work is done in the browser. - Tweetdeck (web) as my Twitter client - Feedly: my RSS reading, still missing Google Reader :-‘( - Trello: task managment tool - Pocket: for later reading on my tablet. - Github/Bitbucket have all the source clean and update. - Dropbox: sync my docs - RStudio: for all the R scripts

M’agrada molt el que fa The Setup i ho trobo molt interessant. Us recomano que dediqueu un temps a coneixer els entorns de treball d’aquestes persones.

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